About Us


Raina Wright-Reynolds

Kennel Manager

Hello! My name is Raina. I am the Kennel Manager here at All Pro Dogs K9 Corral. I have been in this position since we opened and could not be more excited to see how far we have come since opening day. I have studied a lot about dog behavior over the years and I believe my extensive knowledge of behavior is what makes me so perfect for this position and company. Dogs with behavior issues are the most fun in my opinion because I get to use my education and knowledge to help a dog overcome a problem.

I previously worked as an emergency veterinary technician and while I absolutely loved what I did and may one day go back, I enjoy being able to work with happy and healthy dogs. I am Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid Certified which also helps with my position here at the facility.

I was raised on a ranch with all sorts of animals ranging from horses and goats to cats and dogs. I was an avid 4H member for 15 years and active FFA member for 5 years. When I went to college, I studied Agriculture Science and Agriculture Business and received my Agriculture Business Certificate in 2015. When I wasn’t working with livestock, you could find me competing in Community Service Based Pageants or serving my community in any way that I could.

Despite almost always being at work, I enjoy spending my free time with my goats, my two dogs, Kota and Luna, my husband, Neil, and our precious baby, Oliver. We are often traveling to my family’s ranch in Northern California to visit our friends and family.

Chelsea Parks

Kennel Technician 

Hi! My name is Chelsea and I’m a Kennel Technician here at All Pro Dogs K9 Corral. I love working with animals and have experience working at humane shelters with all breeds of dogs. I have learned a lot about types of dogs and dog behavior over the years. Working with animals has always been a passion of mine.

I have interned at a couple wildlife rescue centers and had the wonderfully unique opportunity to work with some incredible animals from Howler Monkeys in Belize to Bald Eagles in beautiful British Columbia. From these experiences I learned emergency medical treatment and was trained in noticing changes in animal behavior and health. I love working at All Pro Dogs K9 Corral and getting to work with a range of breeds, learning training techniques and just getting to spend time with the wonderful animals.

My dog Bruno and I enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. I love to get outside and hike, raft, camp, or just take wildlife photos in our beautiful state. I also enjoy getting out with my two horses and riding the many trails Fort Collins offers. I’m a student at CSU studying Wildlife Conservation Biology and plan to go to vet school after graduating.


Kennel Technician

Hey there! I’m Annie, and I’m a kennel technician here at All Pro Dogs K9 Corral. I’ve been working with dogs in a professional capacity for about five years, and I’m glad to be here at a place where I can put my passions to good use! I’m currently a student at CSU, but I’ll be graduating this May pre-vet and with a bachelor’s in philosophy. One of my interests is exploring the ways in which we incorporate non-human animals into our society and seeing how animal-related policy does or should reflect the sorts of arrangements we come up with, and I feel that being a kennel tech at All Pro Dogs puts me right where I need to be to pursue this curiosity. Especially interesting to me are the social lives of dogs with respect to other dogs, which is why I love running play groups and seeing how each dog’s unique personality contributes to the energy of the whole. Nothing makes me smile quite like watching a dog bloom through play! Really, I just love to learn and meaningfully understand all sorts of creatures, and working alongside such knowledgable and capable animal people is a dream come true!

Although I grew up with dogs, I don’t currently have a dog of my own. I do, however, have a tailless cat named Karl who is about as close to a dog as a cat can get. While it’s inevitable that I’ll expand my family with a couple of pups eventually, I plan to start fostering after I graduate so I can use my abilities and resources to work with more challenging cases that might require a great deal of patience and concerted effort. When I’m not running around with a pack of dogs at work, you can find me watching movies, making music, and poking my cat while he’s trying to sleep. That’s me in a nutshell, but all you really need to know is that I definitely want to meet your dog!

Laura Goodpastor

Sit Means Sit – Head Trainer

Hello, my name is Laura. I am a dog trainer for Sit Means Sit. I have been in this position since we opened in October. I really enjoy my position because I love helping animals. My favorite part is seeing the progress the dogs make.

I previously have had experience with training horses. It started at a Therapeutic Riding Center where I worked with the kids and the horses. I have also been a horseback riding trail guide. While I was working as a guide, I often worked with the more difficult horses with behavior problems. Horses and dogs are very similar so training dogs has come very naturally to me. The hardest dogs to work with are human aggressive dogs however I enjoy being able to build that special bond and being able to show them that I just want to be there to help them.

Even though I’m almost always working, when I have free time, I can be found spending time with my boyfriend Cody and my dog Clara. We enjoy doing outdoor activities such as snowboarding and hiking.