About Us


Lindsey Herrera

facility Manager

Hello! My name is Lindsey. I have worked in multiple areas of this company, starting as a trainer with Sit Means Sit Northern Colorado in 2018. I am now one of the Facility Managers at K9 Corral and Sit Means Sit Northern Colorado. Each experience with the company has been a wonderful, but working on the management side has been my favorite because it allows me to interact with our clients and their pups in multiple ways!

I have worked in dog rescue for over fifteen years, starting back home in Nebraska and continuing out here in Colorado. I love all dogs, but rescue dogs definitely have my heart, especially pitties! Every time I see a big head and chunky body, my heart melts! Having been in the rescue world so long, seeing dogs with various behavioral backgrounds has given me a passion for those issues and is why I love seeing our dogs in training blossom and overcome their individual hurdles.

Outside of work, I enjoy cycling classes, concerts, hiking, ping pong, thrift stores and volunteer work within our community. My favorite thing is spending time outdoors with my own two rescue gals, Gertrude and Finnegan, a.k.a Big Girl.




Kristen Behrns

facility Manager

Hey, I’m Kristen, the Facility Manager for K9 Corral! I started with K9 Corral in October of 2021. One of the great parts of working here is getting to see the dogs play and making each visit the best it can be for every dog. Working with animals has always been my passion and this job has been a blessing. I get to create the best experience for dozens of beloved animal companions and provide safe options for their families while they’re away. I am in the school of thought, that every dog is unique in their personality, play style, and care.

 If I had to choose, my favorite part of the job, is seeing the training dogs come in and begin to learn the skills that bring out the best in them. I love being a part of the dogs gaining confidence, learning basic commands or learning how to release their energy in more meaningful ways. It’s fascinating to see that you can always teach an old dog new tricks!

I have lived in a multi-dog household for my whole life.  I was raised to be aware of each dog’s needs and I know that dogs can still be valued companions, even if they don’t enjoy the company of other pups. Currently, I have three dogs, three cats, two ferrets, a snake, and an adventurous 11-year-old child. I grew up on the Diamond Tail Bison Ranch, here in Colorado, learning from my father and uncle what it takes to wake up with the sun and work until the job is done. I have always known my future would be working with animals. My previous experiences included work as an animal caretaker and rescuer, for animals such as bison, horses, cows, goats, chickens, dogs, and cats, to name a few. I have lived in Fort Collins since 2007 and know these Foothills will always be home for my family!