Sit Means Sit dog training takes time and we understand that not all pet owners have enough of it. But a trained dog makes for a happier and safer dog which is why we’re proud to offer dog training classes in Fort Collins, provided by certified professionals. We offer flexible programs that cater to the unique needs of each dog. We use Sit Means Sit training methods that have proven to be effective and enriching to dogs of all ages and behavior levels.

If your pup can’t seem to make sense of sit and stay, let one of our certified trainers design a program that matches their current skill level and pace. Our Fort Collins dog training classes are fun, engaging, and can improve your dog’s health and happiness.

We always have the same goals when starting a dog on a training program. We want them to improve their behavior while building a stronger bond with their family. At our Fort Collins dog behavioral school, we’ll help them appropriately channel their energy and maintain their composure, no matter their surrounding environment.

Our certified trainers are great at evaluating every dog’s current skill level and capabilities. We can teach old (and young) dogs new tricks that will improve their health and well-being. Whether you’re looking for Fort Collins Sit Means Sit dog training classes and programs or one-on-one private sessions, we can accommodate your dog training needs.

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Benefits of K9 Corral

K9 Corral Icon Anti Fatigue Mats

Antifatigue mats

Our lobby, training room and grooming room are all lined wall to wall with antifatigue flooring to allow for traction and joint support for dogs. No more slipping and tired joints.
K9 Corral Icon First Aid

Management Trained in K9 CPR and First Aid

Our Kennel Managers are required to train in K9 CPR and First Aid to be able to assist in those rare emergencies where time is of the essence. Kennel Managers are Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support Certified.
K9 Corral Icon Licensed

PACFA Licensed

This means our facility is held to a higher standard of cleanliness and care for the dogs. We follow all rules and regulations to ensure the good health and well-being of dogs.
K9 Corral Icon Vet

Just in case

We are just minutes away from multiple general practice veterinarians and an emergency veterinary clinic.