Underground Fencing


It only takes a second for your pet to escape the safety of your yard. Even the best trained dog can suddenly take off and find themselves in a compromising situation. Whether you’re worried about your dog getting lost, injured, taken, or all the above, consider installing a Pet Stop hidden dog fence in Fort Collins. You’ll know your pet will always remain safe and protected, no matter the temptations outside the perimeter.

Don’t let any prior experiences with electric pet fencing scare you away. Unlike other systems that use painful shocks to teach a dog about their new boundaries, our Fort Collins hidden pet fence system uses the Gentlesteps™ approach, an advanced technology that trains your pet without painful correction techniques. Instead, this approach focuses on positive reinforcement feedback while using low levels of correction as needed. Instead of scaring your pet into respecting their new boundaries, you’ll be providing a stimulating and exciting environment for your dog to learn at a pace that best fits them.

In just a couple weeks’ time, you can have a dog that’s fully trained to your hidden fence. If your dog still needs more time, we’re more than happy to assist. Our goal is to have a happy, healthy, and protected dog in every yard and the best way to do this is with a Pet Stop hit fence system paired with Gentlesteps™. Let us show you the gentle yet effective method to training your dog with our hidden fence systems in Fort Collins.

K9 Corral Pet Stop
K9 Corral PetStop Indoor Boundary
K9 Corral PetStop Outdoor Boundary